Making a Difference

ADHD drugs are only band-aids and fail to deal with the underlying issues affecting the child’s behavior.  So says this article in Psychology Today.  I tend to agree… It’s easier to medicate than to make the lifestyle changes that will make a difference (funny how this applies to so many issues, from obesity to heart disease – not just ADHD!).

What are your thoughts after reading this insightful article?

2 thoughts on “Making a Difference”

  1. This was an interesting article. My 9 year old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and OCD last year. Fortunately, her ADHD is a bit milder than some other children I have observed. I chose not to medicate. Acupuncture has helped her enormously and she did go to counseling for a bit. I agree that, for us, food tends to play a big role in her behavior. While we try to eat as wholesome as possible, I see a difference when she is consumes prepackaged, preservative filled products.

    I love your quote from Maria Montessori. I am a huge fan! Our children attended Montessori and is was such an enriching experience for the entire family and we will always carry that philosophy with us!

  2. I picked up Dr. Wedge’s book last year and have read it now two times. My five girls are grown and gone. But two of them are Montessori teachers and I currently have two grandsons in a Children’s House and Elementary class respectively. As far as I’m concerned, this is a must read for all parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators…well, just about everyone who has any interest whatsoever in kids. [(An aside: our youngest has made and used all the mobiles and is getting ready to pull them out again for baby two-gender as yet unknown :)! Trust the floor bed! It really does work. Baby one asks to go to bed: “Night, night, please”–complete with sign for please!! Too funny!]

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