Child-Sized: Spoons

I had a hard time finding small spoons for Zach that were made out of metal.  Apparently, most manufacturers believe that a baby will hurt himself if they don’t coat the spoon in soft plastic.  For a while we used the Nuk spoons because at least they were a good size and the handle was metal.  Then, I found these spoons on Amazon.  They are perfect for little mouths and little hands, and yet they are the real thing, made of stainless steel with a nice weight and finish.  Zach didn’t even blink when I changed from the Nuk spoons to these!

If you’re preparing to introduce solids to your little one, I really recommend these spoons (they also make forks and knives, which I will test out in a few months).


2 thoughts on “Child-Sized: Spoons

  1. I’m a young mum (I’m 23 and my baby girl is 7 months old) while I was pregnant I read every book I could find (seriously I must have read at least 30) and one of the things that freak me out was the “eating utensils” I should use to help her learn “the right way to eat”, there are way too many options.

    Meal time is sacred in our house (gourmet and/or foreign meals once a week -often Sunday- is mandatory), since I was around 6 mum taught me to use a salad fork, a meat fork, a dessert fork and every other cutlery that is out there cause God forbid I wasn’t raised with “proper eating utensil etiquette” (granny is really traditional about these and she would accept no less from her grandkids so mum obliged). As a result of my upbringing I will never understand those who use “plastic” (I don’t even use plastic for a picnic!).

    My boyfriend and I debated long and hard, he was raised with plastic and got really annoyed by my “fancy, whiny arguments” (his words) in the end we compromised in using a traditional silver baby spoon.

    Personally I think that’s the best option or at least something similar.

    Sorry about my poor writing, english it’s not my native language.

  2. I just ordered these for my twin boys who are beginning to eat solids. We LOVE this spoon! Thank you for your post about where to purchase this spoon!!

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