Mucho Happy Halloween!

While I dig myself out from under a mountain of post-trip laundry and try to get used to 5:00am wake-up calls (darn the time zone change, messed up Zach’s sleep rhythm), here’s a picture of my little man celebrating his first Halloween… Mucho Happy Halloween from “El Zachary”!


2 thoughts on “Mucho Happy Halloween!

  1. This seems a little racially insensitive, and sets an example for the child of trivializing/tokenizing other cultures rather than understanding, respecting, and appreciating them.

    1. Mary, I’m mexican and so is my child. I bought the hat and poncho fabric in Mexico and made his outfit with love. It is the type of costume that children all over Mexico wear for cultural celebrations, just as you would dress an american boy as a cowboy and not bat an eyelash. I would rather celebrate our heritage on the one day a year it’s socially appropriate to don a costume, than cave to the consumerist pressure of dressing my son in a Disney-approved outfit. Life’s too short to be stressing out about a mariachi hat and a mustache that stayed on for 15 seconds. 🙂

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