A Place for the Potty

We have two of the world’s tiniest bathrooms, so when I decided 7 months ago that I would help Zach develop toileting awareness, I had to find a way to incorporate potties and clean & dirty underwear bins into pretty tight spaces.   Our arrangement has worked out beautifully, which is great because I spend a big chunk of my day kneeling by the potty!  We use the Baby Bjorn high backed potty, and I got the underwear bins at the Container Store.  We keep a couple of books on rotation between the potty and the bin… And that’s it!  Proof that you can ALWAYS find effective ways to modify the environment to accommodate your child’s changing needs.




2 thoughts on “A Place for the Potty”

  1. I’m trying to find ways to engage my son so he’s interested in sitting on his potty. I’d like to start transitioning him to learn about using the toilet (he’s still in diapers). He’s a go-go-go kind of kid, so he’s frustrated that he has to SIT on a toilet. Any tips?

    1. How old is he? My son likes peeing standing up now, on a high stool so he can reach our toilet. Also, toileting is less about getting a child to sit on the potty, and more about helping him understand the consequences of NOT sitting on the potty. That’s why cloth diapers until age 1 and then cotton training pants are KEY. Without them, you really can’t do toileting awareness because there is NO awareness! Even the most go-go kid, when he constantly gets wet and feels uncomfortable, will begin to associate the toilet with the place to eliminate and stay dry. I suggest reading “Diaper Free Before Three”, it’s the best book I’ve found on toileting at any age. Let me know if you have more questions!

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