How to Get Your Toddler to Make Dinner

It was a grey and rainy afternoon. Zach had just woken up from his nap and my husband wouldn’t be home for two more hours. I had a sinus infection and had no desire to move, but explain that to a toddler…

I had to make something for dinner, so while Zach trashed explored the kitchen cabinets I pulled out a bean curry I had made the night before. It needed some greens, so I quickly chopped up some kale. I was about to toss it into the pot (hello, automatic pilot) when I realized something:

bored toddler + chopped kale = practical life heaven!

I told him I needed his help, put him in the tower and helped him to wash his hands. Then I put the kale in a bowl and showed him how to transfer it to the pot. I stood back and let my little chef get to work. Pure bliss for both of us!

PS: I know I should make him an apron. It’s on my to-do list entitled “Things to make at 3am when I can’t sleep because I’m thinking of everything I have to do“.

5 thoughts on “How to Get Your Toddler to Make Dinner”

  1. How tall is Zach? Josiah (JV) makes Montessori aprons. They are designed so the guide can show the child the lesson using the actual apron that he will use, so there is no “I’m going to pretend to put the apron on.) They are 100% cotton and most are recycled fabrics. He doesn’t have any advertised on his site (http://www.josiahsdrygoods.com) or on Etsy, but I’d be happy to send you one.

  2. I did that too today, except it was broccoli. Apron is also on my long to do list. We even cut up some chicken for lunch. It’s a lot of effort up front but so great for them to do it themselves.

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