4 thoughts on “The Medium is the Message

  1. This is great! And you are so right. I recently gave in to the video games at our house. I’m not a gamer and neither is my husband, but my young boys loooove minecraft. And they get to be creative! And they have fun! So, yeah, I let them play and I love the medium for them.

  2. In his early years, my son spent a lot of time with adults who had the tv on often. I didn’t like that, but our “village” was so good in other ways, I accepted it.

    At our house, we watched one movie a week, on Saturday evening. That was it until he was about 7. I got a desktop computer then, and he got more time on it than he should have. At 13, he was very attached to his phone. He lost it at a park a few weeks ago, and I was so (secretly) happy!

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