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Prepare to be Amazed

prep-bananaMany parents like to help feed or dress their children, even when the children become capable of doing it on their own, because they feel it’s a way of showing love. While parents who follow the Montessori philosophy understand that it’s important to support their child’s budding independence, they sometimes don’t know how to channel their affection in a way that’s helpful to their child’s development!

You’ll be happy to know that in the Montessori philosophy, you – the parent – play a very important role… Click here to find out what this role is and watch a short video.

1 thought on “Prepare to be Amazed”

  1. It is a conversation we have often. I tell parents that its an exercise in trust. Its connected to the trust they have for all things and creation itself. Montessori observed that human beings are inherently equipped with all they need to develop and that invasive contributions such as dressing them or tying shoes carrying their belongings actually rob the child of the potential growth stemming from the victory of that moment. Our society has grown acustomed to translating these acts, (whether acted or observed) into acts of love on the part of the adult, While that may be there intent, we must ask our selves the question: what does our child benefit from each contribution we make to their consciousness?

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