4 thoughts on “Entitlement: Been There, Done That

  1. Welcome back, Pilar! I missed reading your pieces. Thanks for the perspective. I feel like I gained so much insight into you and your life. I appreciate the message. And your vulnerability. Xoxo Sarah Fondriest

  2. Admirable transformations.
    I was the youngest by four and a half years from the next three of my sisters. We were farmed out, a couple quite literally to a farm, where we lived until I was old enough to attend full day first grade. My dad left the home and mother from then on work grueling hours of factory and waitressing work. During much of the years of growing, being the baby of the family I was not asked to help much whereas my older sisters did everything. They, my aunts ( mom was the youngest of 9), older cousins too, were mostly homebodies, who took care of tasks around the house and yard even. So, I guess you might have called me ‘spoiled’ like my sisters did but while having 11 children I learned quick! These women were fine examples of how to cook and take care of a house and included crafts and sewing as well. One of my aunts always gave me hair cuts and perms and then I became a hairdresser and gifted back to everyone. When I saw gardening, canning, and enjoying simple meals, I learned by observation and example how to do so may of these things myself. So whether we’re forced to or have come out of being taken care of primarily by others, it is good to know we can pull up our bootstraps and put on an apron and get to work, including a sewing business. Montessori became a way of life for my family when I came across its marvelous philosophy and practices early on in motherhood. I took semesters of Montessori and child development courses one semester at a time while being a mom. A Montessori environment or School has been in my home for them, others’ children and grandchildren to this day, having just turned 74. It’s a wonderful feeling to have achieved various goals … decades will pass so why not learn along the way?

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