The Montessori Roadmap

Testing, homework, enrichment classes… Pleasing, perfecting, and performing…

The mounting stress and anxiety families feel during the elementary years is not normal or natural.  It’s a result of a broken system that’s destroying childhood and the precious parent-child bond.  I was caught in that nightmare for years, until my children and my intuition woke me up.

I leaned into a gentler way to educate children – a way that:

  • honors the importance of childhood,
  • preserves the parent-child bond,
  • doesn’t involve threats or bribes, and
  • helps you raise a life-long learner.

We left school behind and started our homeschooling journey using Montessori as our roadmap.  Within weeks there was more laughter, deep learning, and emotional connection than I’d ever seen before.  Our family’s transformation inspired me to share this path with parents like you, who are looking for a more respectful way to educate children.

Watch the short introductory video below and then explore the Homeschooling Hub in the navigation bar, where you’ll learn how to:

  • Support all aspects of your child’s development during the elementary years;
  • Transform your role from exhausted enforcer to compassionate guide;
  • Create an inspiring learning environment that adapts to your child’s needs;
  • Encourage joyful hands-on learning that sticks.

(video coming soon)

Whether you’re homeschooling or trying to balance out your child’s school education, if you’re looking for realistic answers and compassionate support, you’ve come to the right place!



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