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Letter From Your Baby

Dear caregiver,

I know you have the best intentions.  When you take me to the park and “walk” me by the arms, sit me on the teeter-totter, or send me down the slide, you’re doing it because you want me to have fun.

But here’s the thing: I am a baby.  I am driven by developmental urges you can’t see.  The things I want to do may seem slow and boring to you, but they are exciting and challenging to me.  When you push me to do what you think is fun, you rob me of the opportunity to do what I know is necessary.standing

Believe me, when I’m ready to walk, I will (and you won’t be able to stop me!).
When I’m ready to sit on the teeter-totter, I will (and I won’t want to get off!).
When I’m ready to go down the slide, I will (over and over and over again!).
But right now, I want to crawl. Or stand. Or chew on a stick.
As my friend Maria Montessori wrote:

“The most important [principle] is to respect all the reasonable forms of activity in which the child engages and try to understand them.”

So, please respect me by backing off.  Enjoy your latte.  Bask in the sunshine.  And let me do what I was born to do: become myself.

With love,


Your baby

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